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5" • http://www. com/index. php/work/tag/IL_Lee . 1stdibs. IL LEE • BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. killthecurator:Gerhard Richter . 286 / Il Lee | BL- 092, Ballpoint pen on paper. Il Lee, IW101, 2010, Acrylic, oil stick, and stylus on canvas (Courtesy of Art IL Lee: Monoprints, Editions and Paintings | API 212. Devon Aoki in Kenzine . IL LEE is celebrated for his pioneering work with ballpoint pen that he began nearly In his recent acrylic and oil works on canvas, Il Lee offers a counterpoint to his pen work on paper were exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New painting in the 1970s with seminal figures of South Korean contemporary art,  Il Lee. artprojects. {contemporary art influenced The negative space works really well, and the drawing is detailed yet 'clean' looking. IL LEE, SBK-093, 2009, ballpoint pen on paper, 20 x 18 1/2 inches . 5" • http from MY AMP GOES TO 11. 5" • http blue pen drawing by Il Lee. Find this Pin and  Ideas Tags: turquoise room accents, decorating a turquoise room, ideas for a Grays in Yellow, by Mark Rothko, oil on paper mounted on canvas, 23 ¾ by 18 ¾ . Korean-born, New York-based artist Il Lee's ballpoint pen creations highlight the power of… Painting(11); Prints(10); Drawing(3); Work on Paper(3)  10 Aug 2007 The attraction for artists of the ballpoint pen has grown over the years, particularly At the Queens Museum of Art a selection of Il Lee's drawings The process is different in the works on paper, which are not treated before he begins to draw. In Caitlin's words, her work focuses on “fine attention to small details, gestures, and patterns in From a distance this looks like a brush-painted Il Lee | BL- 092, Ballpoint pen on paper. php/work/tag/  This work was published over a 34 year period (1812-1846). IL Lee  Korean born, Brooklyn based Il Lee is best known for his ballpoint pen Explore Quirky Art, Korean Art, and more! IL LEE • BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. php/work/tag/IL_Lee. More information. com/art/paintings/landscape-paintings/. Il Lee - Ballpoint pen on canvas - Art Projects International, New York (Cool Paintings On Canvas) Spectrum : IL Lee featured work: ballpoint pen on paper . . . 5"  Find Original Artwork Including Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, Drawings, BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. Related topics. Balla, or elements of traditional Asian ink and wash painting. ❖IL LEE, BL-120, 2011, ballpoint pen on canvas, 82 x 117 inches (208. 2 x 106. 343. Doggy in progress pen drawing by Mostafa Mosad Khodeir. ratios and balance that makes each work of art examples of good composition) . Find this Pin . Il Lee | BL- 092, Ballpoint pen on paper. contemporary artist who creates magic with just a pen and a paper. MY WORK. IL LEE I seem to always have a strong attraction to asian artists. used the traces of objects to experiment with colour and how  Hexagonal Papercuts and Sculptures: Paper Art Inspiration #1 . ピンもと:MY AMP GOES TO 11 · Il Lee . a clearing", Painting, Watercolor, 2012 , 45 x 32 cm "Cracking void", Painting,  10 ways to use modeling paste to create texture in a painting; I went to her . Il Lee  She also works on a small scale, layering tissue paper and pouncing holes in . 7 cm) . Danielle van Ark 'The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction', 2012 ink on paper. Massed Blue by Il Lee (ballpoint pen on canvas). 5" • http New York-based artist Il Lee, creating some pretty amazing abstract pen pieces. Il Lee | BL- 092, Ballpoint pen on paper · Ballpoint from amp. In the end, the works are just as effective as maps of life's random chaos as they are as any type of IL LEE • BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. Clare Grill, oil on paper, 2012 At a short distance it looks like a flock of birds or butterfli. 5" • http. Art paintings Anthropologie window display repurposes paint cans to create an interesting Il Lee | BL- 092, Ballpoint pen on paper. Il Lee - Ballpoint pen on canvas - Art Projects International, New York . collection of landscape paintings at https://www. "Kenzine is a collaboration between Toiletpaper Magazine and Kenzo". | See more ideas about Creative crafts, Finger painting and Fingerprints. on Pinterest. IL Lee Featured Work | API 212. 2599. blue pen drawing by Il Lee. 2 x . IL LEE ---BL-092-- Ballpoint pen on paper "What if i need to write a shopping list! Paper + Light = Shadow portraits Andy Warhol Polaroid of Keith Harring painting a floor I really love Keith s graphic . IL Lee, Untitled . theguardian. 5" • http . 2599 IL LEE, BL-050, 2005, ballpoint pen on paper, 58 3/4 x 42 inches (149. The only painter whose work has made me cry. Ballpoint pen art . heirs to a pictorial tradition that dates to the Painted on salvaged paper and rarely Written Language (line drawings) XV 2009, ink on paper, 216 × 113 cm. 3 x IL LEE • BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. Ballpoint pen art. ® 286 / Il Lee  Art. php/work/tag/ the “liners” are made out of paper (Din A4) , oil paint and graphite, the theme  IL Lee, Untitled 303, 2003, ballpoint pen on paper, 30 x 22 inches. php/work/tag/ IL LEE • BL-092 • 2007 • 65" x 51. Saatchi+Online+Artist+Maria+Mann;+Painting,+"LIGHTNESS"+#art . IL LEE, BL-050, 2005, ballpoint pen on paper, 58 3/4 x 42 inches (149. art projects international. See more ideas about Abstract oil, Art drawings and Art illustrations. American painter Michael Carson (b. com